Albert Gouaffo | Principal investigator | Université de Dschang

Albert Gouaffo, Full professor, teaches German literature and cultural studies as well as intercultural communication at the Department of Applied Foreign Languages of the University of Dschang in western Cameroon. He is vice-president of the Association of African Germanists South of the Sahara (GAS). His current research interests include German literature of the colonial period in Africa, German literature of the African diaspora, memory studies and provenance research of cultural objects looted during German colonisation. His current book is entitled „Koloniale Verbindungen - transkulturelle Erinnerungstopografien: Das Rheinland in Deutschland und das Grasland Kameruns (2019)“. He is currently part of the project team "Re-connecting 'Objects'" at the TU Berlin and is also co-leading another project with prof. Bénédicte Savoy on the mapping of Cameroonian cultural goods in Germany from the colonial context.

Prof Gouaffo collaborates with Prof Savoy in Collection History in Reverse. Art and Culture from Cameroon in German Museums