18.05.2024 - 15.09.2024
"Branching Streams. Sketches of Kinship" Exhibition at Théodore Monod African Art Museum #THEOFFISON
22.03.2024 - 23.03.2024
Returns, Restitutions – Performing Colonial Collections. Festival Dialogues Afriques
Collaborator : Lotte Arndt
25.01.2024 - 27.01.2024
"Transmission Through Transformation" at Kunsthalle Mainz
Collaborator : Lotte Arndt
27.10.2023 - 11.02.2024
Unextractable: Sammy Baloji invites
Collaborator : Lotte Arndt
14.10.2023 - 15.10.2023
Round table: "Appropriating museum archives: What are the practices? What are the issues? What are the limits?"
Collaborator : Lotte Arndt
09.10.2023 - 11.10.2023
Connecting places, people, and collections
Collaborator : Sophie Schasiepen
10.09.2023 - 17.09.2023
INTERNATIONAL COLLOQUIUM as part of the Franco-Beninese cultural week
22.08.2023 - 24.08.2023
Open Society's Global Convening for the Restitution of African Heritage
Discussion series: "Transcontinental mobility: How much encounter does decolonisation need?"
Collaborator : Albert Gouaffo
Humanities of Nature Colloquim
Towards a multiplicity of Afropean Renaissances: Restitutions as Rituals of Mourning
18.05.2024 - 15.09.2024
"Branching Streams. Sketches of Kinship" Exhibition at Théodore Monod African Art Museum #THEOFFISON
Abstract :

Branching Streams. Sketches of Kinship 

is conceived in the frame of the transnational research project ‘Reconnecting "Objects". Epistemic Plurality and Transformative Practices in and beyond Museums’ (2021-2025). It brings together scholars and artists living and working between Africa and Europe. 

Practical :

18 May - 15 September 2024, Théodore Monod African Art Museum, Tuesday - Sunday, 9-17 h

The Wake/Le sillage: 15th edition of Biennal of Contemporary African Art in Dakar has been postponed, but our exhibition still takes place as planned! #THEOFFISON



Files : programme_public.pdf, dossier_en_branching_streams_final.pdf, dossier_fr_flux_ramifies_final.pdf, artists_biographies_en.pdf, biographies_des_artistes_fr.pdf
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The exhibition weaves together anti-colonial and decolonial approaches, quests for transformative justice and ecological investigations, while taking into account the different histories and positionalities of the contributors. While the coloniality of collections and its manifestations in the present are often the starting point, we strive to open spaces of invention and transformation that go beyond the museum. 

Our exhibition is modular on all levels, to fully allow its components to unfold in their plurality, to deploy the contextual stakes of artistic practices, and to examine their connections and resonances. It combines the documentation of individual and collective research with artistic interventions, extended by the public program Waiting for the Rain. The intersections of these branching processes converge in the shared space of the (M)bokk media library.

Visit the exhibition and meet the mediators: Tuesday - Sunday, 9-17 h

Guided tours for visitors and press with Jessiah Dieng: Tuesdays and Fridays, 10 am and on appointment

Activation of the media library (M)bokk with Black Pages: Thursdays and Saturdays - discussions, screenings, collective reading

Youth mediation with Meissa Tounkara : Wednesdays and Saturdays, 10-15h (15.6., 26.6., 3.7., 20.7., 31.7., 3.8., 14.8., 14.9.)

A research exhibition conceived by
Reconnecting “Objects”

Curatorial Team:
Lotte Arndt, ayoh kré Duchâtelet and
Lionel Maes (La Villa Hermosa),
Sam Hopkins and Marian Nur Goni, Rossila
Goussanou, Lennon Mhishi,
Lucie Mbogni Nankeng,
Sophie Schasiepen.

in close dialogue with:
Bénédicte Savoy, Ciraj Rassool,
El Hadji Malick Ndiaye,
Albert Gouaffo and Dan Hicks.

Artists and authors:
Mikael Assilkinga, Lamine Badji,
Nilla Banguna, Andri Burnett,
Lune Diagne, Mati Diop,
Stevie Douanla, Ekaterina Golovko,
Mamadou Khouma Gueye,
Sybil Coovi Handemagnon, Anna Helfer,
Te Herekiekie Herewini,
Robyn Humphreys,
Fatima Jobe and the IMADI team,
Bongani Kona, Aram Lee,
Kegorogile Makgatle, Fungai Marima,
Sibusiso Mkhize, Modboye,
Masello Motana, Jens Mühlhoff,
Emmanuelle Nsunda, Camilo Sandoval,
Nathan Schönewolf, Fally Sene Sow,
Ken Aicha Sy, Alioune Thiam,
Ibrahima Thiaw, Isabelle Thomas,
Sidoine Yonta, Lauriane Yougang, Annette Hoffmann.

Carole Diop in dialogue with
Rossila Goussanou, Bénédicte Samson,
Rebecca Soussan, and the team.

Bénédicte Samson and team.

Public Program (M)bokk: Black Pages.

Our warmest thanks to all the participants,
the Reconnecting “Objects” team, the
Musée Théodore Monod d’art africain and
IFAN for their contributions and support.

The exhibition is funded by
Volkswagen Stiftung.